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Sigmatism / Jun 21, 2012
Blizz came out and said they want Beta raids open by this Friday, which means premades are around the corner. Myself, as well as other officers will be doing these raids to better prep ourselves, and I encourage everyone else that plans to continue raiding with Space People to come along as well. It will start as one boss, but will obviously open up to more bosses eventually. Not sure what day these raids will take place, most likely a weekend thing or Tuesday night if we start finishing early enough (which we should be.)

Edit by Ay: I will be streaming raids as they become available to test and leaving the link to my stream on the front page of the guild website. Furthermore all core that has access to beta is expected to use it in order to prepare for Heroic Raid testing. Get to level 90. We are raiding on Lost Isles.

The link for steams for every boss on beta, Ay will be involved with most:
Ay / Jun 15, 2012

What we expect from recruits:
Be able to play in a progression environment while still maintaining mistake free playing.
Keep up to date with both encounters and your own class changes. No one should know more about your class and spec than you do.
Reliability. Enough said.
Bring your A-Game always. I don't hesitate to drop anyone that I believe is not pulling their weight.

What you can expect from us:
Space People is a newer guild that started slow due to lack of an optimal core and scheduling problems but we are rolling now. You can expect a core full of raiders that are top notch. We are pushing for higher ranks both realm and US and know that we are capable of it. We are going to hit MoP running with goal set for top 200 US.

We achieved realm 3rd after not progressing for over a month and having to heavily makeover our core.

We are looking for raiders that want to push both our realm and US rankings up. We want to get kills faster and start dropping server firsts. We are more than capable of both.
Ay / May 02, 2012
Well, Deathwing has officially sucked our nuts.

I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication as we progressed through this garbage of a tier. It took a lot of time, laughing at the expense of Can, tons of gold in wipes and some very occasional bursts of talent but we can finally look down on everyone that hasn't killed HDW yet and say with confidence, youbad.

Deathwing, you been woned.