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And So It Begins.

Ay / Sep 28, 2012
16 hours together on Skype trekking through dungeons and shitty quest zones and even heroics day 1.
Several Packs of redbull and eating just peanut butter.
Hours of random singing, humming, voice impersonations and laughing.
An equal amount of hours hating on Dread Wastes (the fucking worst).
2 sub 3 minute shit breaks.
The result: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooorth it.

Congratulations to all that got their realm firsts for their respective class, I am kind of tired of all of you. Thanks everyone for your awesome work through heroics that we did in level 85 gear and the world bosses that made us chuckle because we derped like PWN Starz through Firelord, not knowing the fight at all but merely overpowering it through sheer luck.

Keep it up! Get dem gearz so we can raid Mogoshun Vaults like Guk raids pantie drawers.
MoP, we comin' at you bro.  Get the fuck out because we are 87. Moo.


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Hehe cute. IM 87 BISH

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