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St / Oct 18, 2012

We've cleared Normal Mogu'shan Vaults. Now in this 3rd week we've downed Heroic Stone Guard, and put some solid work in on Heroic Feng the Accursed. With 10 great players and a superior strategy / execution he'll go down.
Ay / Sep 28, 2012
16 hours together on Skype trekking through dungeons and shitty quest zones and even heroics day 1.
Several Packs of redbull and eating just peanut butter.
Hours of random singing, humming, voice impersonations and laughing.
An equal amount of hours hating on Dread Wastes (the fucking worst).
2 sub 3 minute shit breaks.
The result: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooorth it.

Congratulations to all that got their realm firsts for their respective class, I am kind of tired of all of you. Thanks everyone for your awesome work through heroics that we did in level 85 gear and the world bosses that made us chuckle because we derped like PWN Starz through Firelord, not knowing the fight at all but merely overpowering it through sheer luck.

Keep it up! Get dem gearz so we can raid Mogoshun Vaults like Guk raids pantie drawers.
MoP, we comin' at you bro.  Get the fuck out because we are 87. Moo.

Ay / Aug 15, 2012
This is our "We-are-on-the-precipice-of-a-month-long-break-and-we-wont-talk-to-most-of-you-until-September-18th-so-I-am-creating-a-news-thread-that-I-will-constantly-update-on news-for-the-roster-of-SP" thread. This will be a list that will be constantly edited until the dropping of MoP and will be the easiest way to keep up with everyone. If there are any questions comment or text me because I am basically boycotting WoW until the 18th, it is going to be beautiful.

So commences the list of shit for MoP:
-I will be continually adding boss vids to this thread as I find good ones and will replace the bad ones with good ones that I like the strat for. Watch them like crazy. For heroics only concern yourself for now with Mogoshun Vaults.

-Mogoshun Vaults opens 7 days after MoP drops and we will be in there when it opens. Make sure you are as BiS as possible pre-raid gear. You have 7 days and the dungeons are supposed to be as easy as the HoT dungeons so there should be zero excuses.

-Our goal is top 200 US and that is going to require a lot of push by everyone. Be ready to work and play hard and I am confident in our chances.

-If you are interested in 5 man zerging via dungeons to level 90 create a post and I will try to initiate some more interest in it. St, Sigmatism, Joleran and I are already doing this from the moment MoP is on live and I encourage anyone who is planning to take off work to find other dungeoneers to do the same. Make sure someone is an enchanter.

-FARM FARM FARM. You heard! Once you hit 90 we need to be farming like crazy to start stocking up on Darkmoon cards and making flasks and whatever else.

-Darkmoon Trinkets are listed here. It is our hope that everyone will have them quickly but they will go to those that will get the most use out of them first.

-Brewfest will be the week after release for more trinkets and if you have alchemy you will be pretty set as well.

-The order of legendaries has not yet been decided. The information we have on them so far is seen here. The gems obviously benefit dps more than healers or tanks but it will also be dictated by who has a weapon and who does not. Stay tuned.

-Loot council will be implemented next tier.

For now I think thats it unless another officer has more to add. I will be ending this post with our current progression roster.


Fredo (Main swapping to Monk)



This list is not set in stone and can always change but at the moment this is where we will be standing for progression kills.