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Armory (link to your armory profile):

Talent Spec Summary (a point summary will suffice)

Link to a WoL parse of you performing at your best:
Unfortunately I do not have these available at this time.

Screenshot of your UI:

Previous guilds and why you left them:
I’ll only discuss the guilds which I actually raided with. I first started raiding with <Yall Dont Gnomey> but during my trial their guild had split up due to inactivity and lack of interest amongst the leadership. From there <DND>, <Hyperion> and <Heart> were groups of people who still wanted to continue raiding that came from YDG. Since that was the summer time, everyone was still working out their schedule and raiding wasn’t ever considered constant. I applied to <Apex> since I knew a few people in that guild at the time and wanted to have a more consistent raiding schedule. I stayed there until they merged with <Converge> but did not want to go with them so I applied to <Woe>. I’ve basically been with <Woe> ever since, including when they merged with <Scientific Method>. When this recent expansion came out, <Scientific Method> lost a lot of <Woe> members, but I stuck around with SM since I was an officer as well as I felt that I had given my dedication to the guild and its group members. I went back to <Woe> when SM had decided its raiding days were over. Sadly, <Woe> has been in that situation as well and we’ve been out of the raiding scene for quite some time now. The <Woe> members who wanted to continue raiding tried it out with <Ethereal Curse>. I had gone on a 2 week vacation, so Thillia had informed me that they moved on to being a 10 man guild.

Pacific Standard Time.

Raid Experience (Including past expansions):
  • Dragon Soul: Heroic 5/8
  • With <Woe>
  • Firelands: Heroic 6/7
  • With <Woe>
  • Throne of the Four Winds: Normal 2/2
  • With <Scientific Method> and <Woe>
  • The Bastion of Twilight: Heroic 2/5 during current content. We went back and killed Cho’gall and Sinestra after Firelands came out.
  • With <Scientific Method> and <Woe>
  • Blackwing Descent: Heroic 6/6.
  • With <Scientific Method>
Lich King
  • The Ruby Sanctum: Normal kill during current content. Went back to kill on Heroic after.
  • With <Scientific Method>
  • Icecrown Citadel: Heroic 11/12 during current content. Went back to kill Lich King after.
  • With <Woe> and Scientific Method>
  • Trial of the Crusader: Heroic 5/5
  • With <Woe>

Why are you interested in joining <Space People>?:
Basically Thillia brought this guild to my attention. It’s like he could read my mind, aha. I really enjoy raiding, no matter whom it’s with, and with EC going to a 10 man I would definitely be looking for a new group of people to raid with. I figured why not try it out because there’s nothing bad that could happen from it. I liked what I saw of you guys on the forums and it would be wonderful to get to know you all.

Can you commit to a Tuesday & Thursday 7-11PM server hour Raid schedule?:
I certainly can!

References (These do help your application):
As far as references go, a lot of the people whom I raided with do not play anymore. There are a few people in <Space People> who I have raided with previously though (Thillia and Methodus). If you would like to discuss my past performance and other criteria with my past guild leaders/officers then I can provide you with their contact information accordingly.

We are a 10man raiding guild and because of this we have to bench people sometimes. Competition gets you the raid spot.
Understandable. I certainly would not want to take up space if there was someone better than myself and more dedicated. To bring attention to this now, I have never utilized my offspec seriously. I have truly never been asked to do anything other than Shadow DPS. So my time healing is quite minimal. But if I know I have to partake in being Holy or Disc, then I can make the time to figure it all out.

Thank you for taking the time to read over my application. I apologize that I’m submitting it so close to Tuesday. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to talking to you.
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Everything looks good, glad you actually took the time to fill everything out instead of BS'ing through it like most. We'll give you a trial on Tuesday, probably Morchock-Ultra on heroic. As far as playing your OS, you don't really need to worry about that. We have a priest atm who heals and dps's as needed. See you on Tuesday! :D
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Just letting you know I've read this and that I'll be there on Tuesday. I look forward to meeting you all!
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I didnt get a chance to post earlier, I just would like to tell you that I really appreciate the thought and time you put into thoroughly completing this application. I am usually the one that has to read half assed apps and yours was quite the opposite.

Your app looks great, I have already spoken to a few people that have raided with you and I have gotten some excellent reviews. I look forward to seeing you in action Tuesday.
I wish I was as good as Zaldam.
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Thillia said he will give you a hj.
I pay for all my titles because I am so casual!!!!!!!
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Trialed, performed well. Accepted.
I wish I was as good as Zaldam.
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